UG802 Now For Sale At Willgoo, And A Nice Video Demonstration

I talked about the UG802 before, it’s a successor to the MK802 Android Box sporting the new RK3066 SoC from RockChip. Think of it as a Raspberry Pi that runs Android, and rocks a whole lot more processing power underneath that plastic exterior too. The RK3066 is based on an ARM Cortex A9 with a dual core 1.2Ghz CPU and the quad core variant of the Mali400 GPU.¬†Our friends at Willgoo are now stocking the new gadget for $71.99, which might be $2 or $3 more than some competitors but you can always rely on these guys to ship quickly and offer great support.

Check it out here.

I found a nice video on Youtube demoing the product, examining benchmark results and comparing to the MK802.


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  1. Yes , I agree with that. I never hear anything bad about Willgoo, contrary, Couple % more is nothing, and advice everyone to buy over links from this website, and on that way support it.


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