The Android Stick Onslaught Continues, Make Way For The UG007

It was barely 4 months ago that the MK802 Android stick splashed down, causing quite stir in the tech waters. But since then we’ve had a few incremental upgrades to that, more memory in some devices, different SoCs in others. The UG007 has just been announced and is the latest in the line of tiny … Read more

UG802 Now For Sale At Willgoo, And A Nice Video Demonstration

I talked about the UG802 before, it’s a successor to the MK802 Android Box sporting the new RK3066 SoC from RockChip. Think of it as a Raspberry Pi that runs Android, and rocks a whole lot more processing power underneath that plastic exterior too. The RK3066 is based on an ARM Cortex A9 with a … Read more