The Android Stick Onslaught Continues, Make Way For The UG007

It was barely 4 months ago that the MK802 Android stick splashed down, causing quite stir in the tech waters. But since then we’ve had a few incremental upgrades to that, more memory in some devices, different SoCs in others. The UG007 has just been announced and is the latest in the line of tiny Android media players, this time though we’re getting the very best China has to offer. The RK3066 is the fastest widely available SoC available in Chinese devices currently, boasting two 1.2Ghz cores, 1GB of RAM and the quad core variant of the Mali400 GPU from ARM. It’s possible we’ll get more incremental upgrades after this but realistically, performance wise, there will not be anything earth shatteringly more powerful until RockChip announces it’s next line of SoCs – which could be a little while yet.

Differences between this and the more recent UG802 include Bluetooth, 8GB memory (compared to 4GB in the UG), support for wireless N and Jelly Bean out of the box. Our friends over at Willgoo drew up this little table showing the differences between the 3 main models, the Mk802, the UG802 and the UG007. One wonders how the naming convention is dreamt up, a part of me wonders if 007 has anything to do with the release of the new James Bond film… it wouldn’t surprise me.

You can pre-order yours now for $79.99 over at Willgoo.

3 thoughts on “The Android Stick Onslaught Continues, Make Way For The UG007”

  1. Looks great and all, but what about firmware support? (I have a friend with a woxter android tv 100, and that crap only got one update in its entire life, what a ripoff. Running an old gingerbread rom and in these days play store doesn’t even work anymore and there’s nothing he can do to solve it.) They’re pretty nice these gadgets, but if they don’t have it, then it’s better not to buy.


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