More Info On JXD’s GamePad-alikes, the S7300 And Its Little Brother The S5600

If you’re chomping at the bit for more info on JXD’s new gaming tablet, you’re in luck because the technical specs are in! The kind folks over at have furnished us with a promotional PDF from JXD themselves, and lo and behold the S7300 takes pride of place on page 4, shortly followed by a surprise addition in the form of the S5600! I previously mentioned the S7300 but technical specs were none existant at the time – JXD has now spilled the beans, but interestingly these are not rocking the same RK3066 that we’ll be getting in the Archos GamePad.

There are actually 4 models in total. The S7300 is the 7 inch version, and it comes in 2 flavours. The lesser of the two houses a single core GeneralPlus 33003 @ 1Ghz, whereas the 2nd version contains the new AmLogic AML8726 MX. This is a dual core 1.5Ghz CPU and looks to have two Mali400 GPUs inside it as well. The MX seems to be the closest current competitor to the RK3066, and there are numerous benchmark comparisons around the internet. To the untrained eye it looks like the RK3066 beats it but not by much at all. Check out this link (translated), and if you have an insight into the results we’d love to hear your thoughts.

The S5600 is a 5 inch version of the same machine. It also comes in 2 flavours which look to be the same as above, save for the drop in screen resolution to 800×480. Inexplicably it also looks as though they decided to switch the position of the analog sliders for this model. Maybe the smaller overall size makes them more comfortable at the bottom? Who knows.

Of those wondering what the “double LR” shoulder buttons description means, the optimists among you may rejoice – because looking at the S5600 render it really does look like we have 2 shoulder buttons on the left, and also 2 on the right. I would imagine that this is the case for the S7300 too, it’s just harder to tell from the photograph. Both machines ship with Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’ and should be available in the next couple of weeks. No word on pricing yet, but rumour has it that the S7300B will cost around $139.99. At only $10 less than the rumoured GamePad price, it remains to be seen which machine comes out top – but I suspect the GamePad will reign supreme.

Update: The S7300B is now available for pre-order at Willgoo!

Thanks very much to Earl from for the heads up, you can head on over there for the link to the PDF in full – but be warned, it is 80MB!

43 thoughts on “More Info On JXD’s GamePad-alikes, the S7300 And Its Little Brother The S5600”

  1. Hi I just contacted a company from alibaba website and it is possible to purchase 1 of these at $100 usd or if bulk buying it will be $85 usd each unit… I am in the UK and think £62.83 is very cheap for a brand new console

  2. im lookin’ forward on buying me one of that S5600B or make it two..
    if it has that wifi direct thingy (for me and my ‘lil bro)
    im kinda bothered @ that archos’ gamepad tho :/
    i want more “portability” so i want a 5inch version of archos’ 😀
    (cuz for me 7inch is not portable) 😀 if u know what i mean.
    well i just wish this jxd’s gamepads should have the same dualcore CPU : quadcore GPU
    as of that of archos’
    but it has only 2GPU’s :/ (and it’s kinda holding me back on buying this)

    but yeah as seen on that translated link ..
    RK3066 is not that much of a difference on this jxd’s AML8726
    i just hope so 😀

  3. S5600B is the one! The size is perfect. Hope they released it soon.
    With this new specs i think that it will be enought to emulate perfectly classic consoles from atari to n64 and psx.
    Just wanna know battery life…

  4. The 5600 sounds great but only if it’s $100 or less since I have been hyped up for the 5110 that my wife may get me for Christmas, which us $85 on eBay. You guys think the 5600 might be the same price?

  5. I like how they put the start, select on the side. I just picked up the s603 for $56, the buttons and D pad feel really nice. The analog is pretty good but it feels a little cheap. I’m going to get the 5″ model. I’d like to see some demos of all these inputs being mapped just to be sure JXD is finally doing the right thing


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