Yinlips Joins The GamePad Party

Hot on the heels of JXD’s new models comes word of two new machines from Yinlips. Actually, info on the YDPG27 has been floating around for a while – but now we also have info on another new and previously unseen model, the YDPG29. Word has it that both consoles are running Sunplus GP3033 SoCs which are based on a single core Cortex A8, PowerVR SGX 531 GPU and 512MB RAM. This looks to be the same configuration used in the lower end JXD S7300A and 5600A models. Nothing to write home about, but perfectly capable of running most games on consoles pre-N64 and PS1 era.

Brian decided to pick up both machines and has kindly provided a couple of photos (including innards!) and a short comparison video of the two units.

Both units have 7 inch capacitive touchscreens that look to be 800×480, shoulder buttons, singular analog nub and the YDPG29 has a real d-pad instead of the usual 4 separate buttons. No word yet on whether the analog nub is real or not. It’s rather an underwhelming announcement given the specs of JXD’s upcomers, but it remains to be seen if the price difference will be enough to sway favour in Yinlips direction.

Our friends at Willgoo have also uploaded a couple of YDPG27 videos.

More pictures and info can be found over on briansopinion.com.

6 thoughts on “Yinlips Joins The GamePad Party”

  1. Hi , I own ydpg 27 and it’s wonderful, but I can’t access root folders and can’t unlock its root with any unlocking software. May you help Me, please?

  2. Hi Obscure handhelds. I’ve been really looking to get my 1st handheld emulator and want to know how durable and also how reliable are the yinlips, jxd, and caanoo handhelds. I hear people complaining about how they are not too durable.

    • I have a JXD S603 and it’s well made. I’ve been tooling on it pretty hard, bricked it three or four times, recovered it every time and I’m looking forward to the new 5″ model. GPH made very high quality handhelds. I think my WIZ is still the best obscure handheld I own. I’ve heard some things about the dingoo not being made well but after several years the only thing I’ve had to do is pit in a new battery.

  3. Tough cookie. Archos Gamepad, JXD S7300A and Yinlips G29 (I have the G18A, and G29 looks really sweet in a revamped frame) are all good contenders for the 7″ gamepads. But the one that has more than one core, better graphics and REAL analogic nub will prevail. Double buttons on top is also a plus, as it is key mapping (gamekeyboard already works on G18A now! Yikes!) At least I can hope.
    Too bad Archos only sell large batches, otherwise Willgoo could start selling those too.

  4. I prefer G29 than G27. G29 is much like the Archos gamepad. It is more thin and yes the d-pad is really really nice because it is in single pad! I will contact Yinlip for more details.


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