Revo Is Ready To Roll

I just found this posted by MaxZhou88 over on the Baidu forums. I know it seems to be taking rather a long time, but it looks like it’s finally ready to go. I’d say the box art turned out pretty well, what do you think?

12 thoughts on “Revo Is Ready To Roll”

  1. What exactly is this device? With all the sources I’ve looked through, it doesn’t explain that clearly. Is it just a GBA clone?

        • Fair enough, me too really. I will let everyone know once the unit is in stock. The GCW Zero does look great too, but they’re very different machines. I have a Zero on pre-order, I hope it will arrive before Christmas time.

      • No wonder I follow your blog 😀
        I have the same tastes. I enjoyed the dingoo so much and the GCW seems very close to it.
        I played some GBA games on the Dingoo and teh GCW is more powerful so it will allow more than just GBA.
        On the other hand the Revo is almost there and quite cheap for a perfectly designed machine (and will allow to play original cartridges).


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