Whoosh. There Goes The Archos GamePad.



Late yesterday rumours started floating about that the Archos Gamepad was about to be launched. Lo and behold, when I wake up this morning it’s already been and gone from stock at the Archos website. I wasn’t planning on buying one myself but it’s always a little irritating when manufacturers under estimate demand like that. I recently went through the same thing with Google and my Nexus 4, so if you were waiting to buy it and missed it – I feel your pain. For those wondering, the price is said to be 149 € / £124.99 / ~$199.99.

Anyway. A couple of new videos surfaced in the last couple of days, maybe these can tide you over until the rumoured December 18th restock date.

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More Info On JXD’s GamePad-alikes, the S7300 And Its Little Brother The S5600

If you’re chomping at the bit for more info on JXD’s new gaming tablet, you’re in luck because the technical specs are in! The kind folks over at thinkelectronics.com have furnished us with a promotional PDF from JXD themselves, and lo and behold the S7300 takes pride of place on page 4, shortly followed by a surprise addition in the form of the S5600! I previously mentioned the S7300 but technical specs were none existant at the time – JXD has now spilled the beans, but interestingly these are not rocking the same RK3066 that we’ll be getting in the Archos GamePad.

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JXD Wants A Piece Of The GamePad Action – The JXD S7300

Not 3 days ago Archos were showing off their GamePad at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and as sure as day turns into night, here come JXD with their version of the dual analog gaming tablet. And what, pray tell, did they decide to call it? It’s the GamePad 2 of course! As you can … Read more

Archos Gamepad Videos From The 2012 Hong Kong Electronics Fair

This weekend was the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and among the hundreds of manufacturers looking forward to showing off some of their new products were Archos. There are a couple of videos uploaded to Youtube in the past day or  so demonstrating their new gaming tablet – the Archos Gamepad. Check them out. If you’re … Read more