JXD Wants A Piece Of The GamePad Action – The JXD S7300

Not 3 days ago Archos were showing off their GamePad at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and as sure as day turns into night, here come JXD with their version of the dual analog gaming tablet. And what, pray tell, did they decide to call it? It’s the GamePad 2 of course!

As you can see, this one has the NDS style d-pad, 2 ‘analog’ nubs and they even included 2 shoulder buttons too. The screen is 1024×600 (probably resistive), it packs a dual core 1.5Ghz CPU and 1GB of RAM. That’s pretty much all there is at the moment, but you can keep tabs on this thread (Chinese language) to see if anyone posts any more info or pics in the coming days.

Thanks to Deen0X for posting this over on the dingoonity boards.

8 thoughts on “JXD Wants A Piece Of The GamePad Action – The JXD S7300”

  1. JXDs been making android games consoles for more then a year, so, if anything, Archos is ripping them off. Also the screen is capacitive, though a resistive model may also be released.

  2. Wow. The “GamePad 2” really… that’s just sad.

    I wonder, though, if it is trying to play off the Archos GamePad – or the Wii U GamePad. The style is more in line with the Wii U gamepad. Being white and the Nintendo-style D-Pad and all.


    Either way – they should really come up with a better name. I mean the JXD GamePad would be one thing – “GamePad” is a term that has been around for years without a trademark. However, naming it the “GamePad 2” clearly shows they are aware of competitors with that name.

      • I agree that the nubs are important. I want to know if they are really analog or not myself. I just can’t believe they would copy the name like that. I’d also be interested to see the full specs and price. I hope they are real and the device is cheaper than the Arcos.


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