JXD Awakes From Hibernation With Their “Singularity” S192 Handheld

The sleeping giant awakes! It’s been over 2 years since JXD released their last flagship handheld, the S7800B, and things have been very quiet from the ShenZhen based company since then. Since 2013 GPD have stolen the show, releasing 3 seriously good handhelds and dominating the market in cheap Android portables.

I would like to think that JXD have taken this time to reflect, to hone their skills and put some real thought into a new product. Looking at their S192, it does look as though they may have upped their game from the creaky and sometimes unreliable products of yesteryear.

You could say they have actually gone one step further than GPD with their new machine by deciding to utilise Nvidia’s previous flagship SoC, the Tegra K1, instead of the China made processors that usually power these things. The console also comes with a full HD 7″ screen, 2 cameras, at least 16GB internal memory, a 10,000mah cell and will run Android 5.0 out of the box.

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