New JXD Quad Cores Available For Pre-Order


Here they are folks, two new quad core devices from JXD confirmed and ready for pre-order. The s7800 comes in two flavours and with a small difference in price. Model A contains the AllWinner A31S and is available for $159.99 whereas Model B contains RockChip’s current flagship RK3188 and will set you back $169.99.

The general consensus is that while the SGX544 MP2 inside the A31S performs better than the quad core Mali400 in the RockChip, the RK3188 is all round a faster solution. Added to this is the fact that the Linux source is now available for this chip, which could mean for some interesting developments for the Model B in the future.

If you’re interested then head over to Willgoo to get your pre-order in, otherwise hang tight and see if the five inch version ever arrives!

16 thoughts on “New JXD Quad Cores Available For Pre-Order”

  1. Damn it looks like they dropped the 5inch version again. This is exactly why I didn’t get the S7300 and waited out on the 5inch version. Looks like I’ll have to keep looking for something else then.

  2. This hardware seems really, really powerful for $170. Compare it to something like the Vita, or the Wikipad (this has double the RAM and a bigger battery; not sure if the CPU is faster because I can’t find any comparison, though the RK3188 scored favorably against other mobile CPU’s) and what you get is more powerful hardware at a price tag $80 less.

    I’m going to wait for user reviews because a lot of lesser known handhelds suffer from build quality issues; but if this one does have a good build quality I’m definitely buying one. I’m loving the concept of this device so much.

    • I can’t find any direct comparisons between rk3188 and snapdragon s4 pro but I suspect the latter would be more powerful.

    • Aren’t iPads made in China? That said when you look at the hardware $160 is actually pretty decent for a 7 inch quad core with game controls and 2gb of ram.
      My guess is the 5″ will be $10 or $20 cheaper.

    • You realize that a wide majority of your tablets are made in China, right? Even the iPad. The price is dependent on the internal hardware; and with these specs it can easily justify $170.

  3. I really do want the model B — very happy with the dual-core Rockchip TV sticks I already have, and I’d love something more portable — but after hearing of the controller quirks in the S7300, I’m afraid I’ll have to wait for some reviews. No preorder for me, but my Paypal account is ready as soon as I hear from actual end users that those issues have been corrected.

    Also looking forward to seeing benchmarks between this and the Nvidia Shield, though this form factor (and price!) are much more attractive to me, as a gamer who hasn’t used Windows in over a decade and has no need for that remote play stuff.

      • At roughly double the price that’s to be expected tbh. But yeah, JXD do really need to improve their build quality to justify these higher pricetags.

      • At half the price, I’d be happy with half the performance. In fact, if it merely beats the Ouya, I’m probably in, just because I like this device’s form factor much better than the Shield’s.


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