Baidu Comes Alive With Talk Of Powerful Open Source Handheld

It’s been mere weeks since Xiaolong Wang released the LDK Game, a Linux based JZ4760B handheld running OpenDingux. But the same designer is now talking of a sequel, and this time he’s set his sights on some more powerful hardware.

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New JXD Quad Cores Available For Pre-Order

Here they are folks, two new quad core devices from JXD confirmed and ready for pre-order. The s7800 comes in two flavours and with a small difference in price. Model A contains the AllWinner A31S and is available for $159.99 whereas Model B contains RockChip’s current flagship RK3188 and will set you back $169.99. The … Read more

Willgoo Demos The Iben GamePad L1-C

IbenX GamePad

The IbenX GamePad generated a bit of interest when it was shown off at HKTDC, now Willgoo have managed to snag a sample unit of the Quad Core handheld and have kindly filmed a few demo videos for us. The 7″ machine is powered by AllWinner’s A31S SoC and will probably be released in about a month’s time. The videos below show off Tekken 3 for the PS1, Mario Kart for N64 and the native Android game Dead Trigger. It looks as though there is a custom launcher sitting atop Android 4.1 which you can see at the beginning of the 1st video.

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