Baidu Comes Alive With Talk Of Powerful Open Source Handheld

It’s been mere weeks since Xiaolong Wang released the LDK Game, a Linux based JZ4760B handheld running OpenDingux. But the same designer is now talking of a sequel, and this time he’s set his sights on some more powerful hardware.

The post in the Open Source Handhelds forum of Baidu is met with mixed reaction, some are annoyed that he’s planning a sequel so soon whereas others are excited to see where this might go. Xiaolong hasn’t hinted at what OS this would run, and I could be wrong but I imagine porting OpenDingux from MIPS to ARM would not be a trivial task. However, plenty of people are requesting it and few have suggested asking (and paying) Steward to help.

Some others have suggested using Android, though it looks to be a mostly unpopular suggestion and I would agree. We don’t need another Android handheld!

Based on the conversation going on over there, it’s quite clear that this machine is nowhere close to mass production time. Xiaolongwang is merely asking what people think to his suggested specifications to gauge interest.

He has proposed the AllWinner A31S quad core SoC and the 640×480 LCD below. More info on that LCD here.

You can follow the thread at this link.

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