The Little Dragon King (LDK)

Things are finally changing, it seems. The New Bittboy and the LDK are both shipping directly from China with OpenDingux/RetroFW pre-installed on them. Thanks in part to the commitment of Chinese developers Steward-Fu and Tony-jih, it seems that we might be at the brink of a new era.

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Baidu Comes Alive With Talk Of Powerful Open Source Handheld

It’s been mere weeks since Xiaolong Wang released the LDK Game, a Linux based JZ4760B handheld running OpenDingux. But the same designer is now talking of a sequel, and this time he’s set his sights on some more powerful hardware.

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New Open Source ‘LDK’ Handheld Appears From Xiaolong Wang (Now Available For $59.99)

The Tieba Baidu forums have come alive with talk of a new machine from a new China manufacturer this week.

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OpenDingux and Gmenu2X For The RetroGame RS-97

A minor miracle has occurred over the past few weeks, the “bastardised k101” from my previous post has been given the OpenDingux treatment thanks to a talented fellow on the Dingoonity boards named Steward. The Chinese developer has just released version 1 of the OpenDingux image, which you can now download and flash directly on … Read more

New Linux-based Handheld OSes on the Horizon – Watch out Android

Ubuntu for Phones, from Canonical (Announced January 2, 2013) Big Ideas – One operating system for your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, TV, etc… Desktop Linux based, years of being the top Desktop Linux distro for end users, (Ubuntu is already on phones with Ubuntu for Android) Firefox OS from Mozilla (First announced in 2011 as … Read more

Pandora Team Gets To Work On A New Product

Craigix, the man behind the OpenPandora console, has recently launched a KickStarter project in which he is hoping to raise $150,000 for his new project. The new project isn’t a console, but rather a controller. It is the follow up to the iControlPad and hopes to improve upon the design of the original, as well as … Read more

A $10 Open Source Handheld? Hmmmm.

Robert Pelloni, the author of Bob’s Game (read the video description for more info if you’re wondering what the hell it is) is leading a team of ambitious individuals to launch an Open Source handheld that will supposedly retail for as little as $10. The theory is that they’ll sell them at cost price. The spirit behind this device is a heart warming one: An Open Source handheld whose games will be lovingly made and sold by indie developers via an appstore of some sort. Anyone can sell software for the machine. Premium titles might even come bundled with a free console, that’s how cheaply they are hoping to manufacture these things. The name of the machine is the ‘nD’ (read: inDie) and they reckon it’ll be ready either Q4 2011 or Q1 2012. Developers are said to have working prototypes for their own use currently, and they say they’ll have some to show us soon.

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The Russians Understand, Sort Of.

Well I must admit this is all news to me, but it looks like an as yet unnamed Russian firm have been working closely with Chinese manufacturers to develop a handheld that actually runs Dingux out of the box. Hallelujah! Finally, someone with the ability to make it happen has made it happen. Read on for the lowdown…

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