LDK ‘Landscape’ Hits The Shelves

The updated landscape version of the LDK is now available to order. Housed inside a similarly chunky looking shell, the LDK Landscape is more of an iteration than an upgrade.

The hardware matches that of the original machine, and there’s an additional analog nub added to the bottom left hand side. It looks as though the LCD in the upgraded version is a whopping 0.1″ bigger at 2.7″. It’s yet to be seen whether this LCD is actually better than the previous one or not, let’s hope they didn’t mess up by using one locked at 30hz (ahem RS-97 Plus).

It’s hard to get too excited about this update, but if you were a fan of the clicky shoulder buttons and the chunky look of the original then it looks like the update has been designed with the same aesthetic in mind. The new landscape version should offer a much more comfortable orientation for those of us with larger hands to play for extended periods of time too, so there’s that.

The new LDK Landscape is now available at Aliexpress and at RetroMiMi for about $60 if you’re interested. Links to buy below.

RetroMiMi Yellow
RetroMiMi Crystal Clear

Update June 17th: Rumours are that this does not have the B version of the JZ4760 inside it, unlike the original LDK version. Although there’s very little in terms of performance difference between the two, it’s worth noting that technically the portrait version is more powerful than this updated version.

8 thoughts on “LDK ‘Landscape’ Hits The Shelves”

  1. I hate how these chinese handhelds just get BIGGER:
    The LDK Game was the smallest one yet, and I loved that, yet now they made a new one and it’s not a the very least Game Boy Micro sized?
    What a dissapointment.

  2. Retromimi has these dimensions for the LDK Landscape: 12.9*8.8*1.7cm

    can someone confirm those dimensions? that 8.8cm height measurement seems too tall compared to the photos.

    Also is the black version really already sold out on Retromimi or has it yet to actually go on sale?

  3. I have bought because I have the old one and for me is one of the best consoles portables that I have. And this version add the analog button and the lanscape format (maybe it’s better this format that portrait, but I’m not sure, depends)


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