Round Up Of Current And Forthcoming Handhelds

Let’s have a look at some forthcoming and currently available handhelds on the market. This post will (briefly) cover some of the new machines I’ve already posted about and will also include a couple that have yet to get a mention here. Non Android Let’s face it, Android is not the perfect platform for a …

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Willgoo Demos The Iben GamePad L1-C

IbenX GamePad

The IbenX GamePad generated a bit of interest when it was shown off at HKTDC, now Willgoo have managed to snag a sample unit of the Quad Core handheld and have kindly filmed a few demo videos for us. The 7″ machine is powered by AllWinner’s A31S SoC and will probably be released in about a month’s time. The videos below show off Tekken 3 for the PS1, Mario Kart for N64 and the native Android game Dead Trigger. It looks as though there is a custom launcher sitting atop Android 4.1 which you can see at the beginning of the 1st video.

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RockChip’s Quad Core RK3188 Rears Its Head

It’s been a while since RockChip announced their new line of SoCs, but it looks like they’ll finally be available to buy in consumer products some time this month. The SoC is comprised of a Quad core 1.8Ghz CPU, Quad core 500Mhz Mali-400 GPU, 1GB 2GB* of RAM and will be built on the 28nm …

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