RockChip’s Quad Core RK3188 Rears Its Head


It’s been a while since RockChip announced their new line of SoCs, but it looks like they’ll finally be available to buy in consumer products some time this month. The SoC is comprised of a Quad core 1.8Ghz CPU, Quad core 500Mhz Mali-400 GPU, 1GB 2GB* of RAM and will be built on the 28nm process.

*It looks to be 2GB going by the Pipo M9 just released on Lightake.

Early benchmarks place it pretty close to the cutting edge Snapdragon S4 Pro found in Google’s flagship Nexus 4, amongst others. While real life application might not be quite as good as the stats would have you believe – it certainly seems like China are catching up with the Western world when it comes their own mobile processors.

RK3188 Benchmark

One of the first products boasting the new SoC will be Cube’s U30GT2 tablet, available soon for $225. Unfortunately RockChip processors never rarely seem to find their way out of tablets and into anything more interesting (anyone know why that is?), but AllWinner have a new SoC on the horizon too – so watch out for the A31 in the coming weeks.

8 Replies to “RockChip’s Quad Core RK3188 Rears Its Head”

  1. who wants a android hdmi stick (when you have WiDI that is)

    1. Given the size of the Wikipedia entry… I’m going to guess that the overwhelming majority do not have that.

  2. There’s a RK3066 based HDMI stick out there with fairly good reviews. Search for probox2 or uhost2.

    1. There are quite a few with rk3066 but I’d rather wait for 3188.

  3. Rockchip 3066 powers a lot of Android HDMI PC on a stick devices. Such as the MK802 III or similar devices. I would except these type of RK3188 devices in the next 6 months.

    1. I’d give it less than that. In 6 months it’ll almost be time for RK32*

  4. thats not completely true is it…I mean their is a rk3066 in the archos gamepad and numerous hdmi sticks.

    1. Yeah you’re right. Really I was thinking about domestic China handheld manufacturers like jxd and yinlips et al. Still, it’ll make an awesome HDMI stick.

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