The Razer Edge Pro Gaming System – Pretty Sharp or Dull Idea?

The Razer Edge Pro Gaming System isn’t the first Intel-based tablet running Windows 8 – but it is the first to focus so much on gaming.  It is a very powerful tablet – if this was a few year ago, and it was a laptop instead, it would be called a “Desktop Replacement”. But let’s just call it a Gamer’s Dream Tablet for now.  🙂

Mind blowing specs:

  • CPU:
    • Intel Core i7
    • Dual-core w/ Hyper Threading
    • Base 1.9 GHz
    • Turbo 3.0 GHz
  • RAM:
    • 8 GB (2 x 4 GB)
    • 1600 Mhz
    • DDR3
  • Video:
    • Intel HD4000 (DX11)
    • NVIDIA GT 640M LE (2GB DDR3, Optimus Technology)
  • Display:
    • 10.1”
    • IPS
    • 1366 x 768 px
    • Capacitive multitouch
  • Storage:
    • 128/256 GB
    • SSD
    • SATA-III
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Audio:
    • Stereo speakers
    • Array microphones
    • Audio jack (3.5mm, 4-pole, stereo out / mic in)
    • Codec supports 7.1 (via HDMI – through docking station)
  • Dolby Home Theater v4
  • 1 USB 3.0 (more through docking station)
  • HD Webcam (front-facing, 2MP)

Remember – this is a tablet we are talking about.  It has the same brand of CPU as my brand-new MacBook Pro (Intel i7).

There are a series of attachments you can get for it, as well, the gaming controller, which basically turns it into a gigantic Windows-powered GBA (or Game Gear, or PSP/Vita depending on your preference).  There’s a keyboard dock, which makes it more like a netbook. And a docking station which adds USB ports and HDMI-out, you can add some game controllers and a HDTV to that, making it behave like a home console.

What makes it focused on gaming is the powerful video hardware – and the optional gaming controller add on.  (But seriously, I don’t see too many people buying this thing who won’t be buying the controller – so the word “optional” is up for debate.)

I do have some problems with this design.

First off, it’s big.  I like my tablets to be somewhat pocketable – 7″ is about the biggest I’d go – and if you add the game controller attachment – forget about it.

Secondly, only one USB port, and no HDMI-out without the optional (read: more money!) docking station?  Please!  If a 3.5″ smartphone can have an HDMI-out built into the system itself, surely this monster of a tablet could find some room for one.  There is no reason they couldn’t have included at least one more USB port and a HDMI port directly on the unit itself.  The only possible motivation for leaving them off is to have an excuse to make (and sell) the docking station.

That said… Having that kind of power in a tablet, even if it’s not the most portable, is a feat.

Oh, and the cost is US $1,299.99… So, yeah… And the add-ons are not cheap.  There is a non-pro version for “only” (ha!) $999.99 with half the RAM, half the storage, half the video RAM, a slower i5 CPU, and just all around less impressive specs.

What do you think?  Could this start a Windows 8 powered Gaming Tablet trend? What does this mean for Android game systems? Do you want one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “The Razer Edge Pro Gaming System – Pretty Sharp or Dull Idea?”

  1. First off I think a laptop wins the title of “desktop replacement” because of its size and not specs.

    Secondly I have to say that the Edge was built based on public choices. Fans all over the world decided on specs, portability and even price of the formerly called Project Fiona. Obviously you can’t expect having an octacore 4GHz, 32GB 1600MHz, dual gpu 2GB ddr5, 512GB ssd inside a tablet that’s less than twice as thick as an iPad. Just like you can’t expect a tablet PC like the Edge to cost $300! Check Asus’ Transformer and its specs and price, for example.

    One thing I have to agree: the gaming controler’s plus the tablet’s weights would probably make it unbearable to play for a long – and pleasent – time.

    The ports are a matter of design and portability. Sometimes you just need to leave somethings out. And for only $99, the dock’s a bargain

  2. Have a heavy power, but cost is too high… beyond Windows 8 don’t be the best plataform for games…
    The Steam are leaving for Ubuntu/Linux…

    • Steam may be coming to Linux – but that doesn’t mean all their games are. I have Steam on my MacBook Pro running OS X – the selection of games is very small compared to the games available for Windows.

      Windows is – by far – the best computer operating system for games – period.

  3. Three potential pitfalls: (1) The controls on each side are spaced too far apart. With all the years tightly gripping the NES/PS/XB controllers, I’m not sure if I can get used to holding this thing. (2) From people who have actually held it, it’s too heavy for long-term gaming with the game controller accessory attached. (3) The price is too high, especially if you consider you can get TWO dedicated portable game console such as the GCW Zero for the price of the game controller accessory.

  4. Not sure if links will work here, but nearly 2 years ago I built this monstrosity:

    So you can definitely see how much I’d love to have a device similar to this. Mine ended up a bit big and heavy, but I was using standard off the shelf PC parts that I wanted to be upgradeable (and I had a pretty low budget, at that). I would LOVE to get my hands on an Edge some day.

    • Awesome! That is a really cool bit of kit you got there! I’d say the Razer Edge Pro is right up your alley, then.

      Maybe you can threaten to sue them for stealing your intellectual property unless they send you one – since they clearly stole your idea.


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