AllWinner Partner With New Manufacturer For An A31S Powered Handheld


Another of Charbax’s videos from HKTDC shows a new 7″ Android handheld powered by the AllWinner A31S. The A31S is said to be the same as the A31 but with only a single channel memory controller (compared to dual channel in A31) and less power draw. The A31 is currently the only real competitor to the RK3188, sporting a Quad Core Cortex-A7 CPU (100% compatibility with Cortex-A15) and PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU.

A lucky glance at the back of the device shows a logo for a company called iben, which leads to their website and some more pics of the device.


You can watch the whole of the AllWinner video below. The section with this device in begins at around 08:50.

Thanks to Earl Cameron for sending this in.

3 thoughts on “AllWinner Partner With New Manufacturer For An A31S Powered Handheld”

  1. Exactly what I was looking for! Speedy processor/GPU with high compatibility and high resolution IPS screen! Only 2 things needs to be confirmed before I order the Game Pad L1-C from Ibenx (see :

    A. Buttons (hardware and software) must be OK. Don’t want to risk JDX keymapping alike problems.
    B. Drivers for the software are up to date and correctly developed direct after release. I see some other h/w using the same A31 chip having speed and stability issues after their release which were fixed after a long period of waiting for the early adopters with help of f/w updates (like f.e. the Onda V812).

    Hopefully this company manages building their first handheld device, but from what I read about them they only have experience in the chip industry (especially flash drives). They only started building tablet pc’s late 2011 and started the R&D for game consoles beginning this year.. This will be their first game related product, hopefully without the usual technical flaws/issues newcomers are usually having..

    Regarding the RK3188 vs SGX544MP2 discussion elsewhere on the net, the SGX544MP2 is far more superior from what I discovered, see f.e. this comparison:

  2. Yep yep I’m seeing it too.
    Interesting piece, but one thing I’ve learned from running the JXD S7300 is that the keymapping for the physical controls has to be better than just “good”.

    The keymapper installed from the factory on the S7300 isn’t as good as the Tincore-developed keymapper found both in the latest xsample custom firmware and as a stand-alone app.

    The problem is that you can’t rely on talented people like Tincore to simply latch on to each of these devices so it can be hit or miss from a support standpoint.

    Also: That particular form factor seems to work, at least for me. The front-firing speakers on the S7300 create a very nice stereo sound field even though they obviously are not high end drivers and the controls are placed comfortably.

    (I hope 7″ gaming tablets become a trend so I can get a decent leather flip-stand case for mine!)


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