IPega Announce Yet Another Android Handheld


iPega are better known for simple gadgets, bluetooth speakers, waterproof phone cases and just recently a bluetooth controller for smartphones. But it looks as though they’ve got bigger fish to fry these days, having recently shown off a prototype handheld at HKTDC. There’s not a lot to report as yet, no mention of it on their website, and only a brief mention of a Quad Core SoC – but if you fancy it, have a gander at the pics and video below.



Of course the most striking thing about it is the controls, it looks very comfortable and has real looking analog sticks (rather than sliders found on most other similar handhelds) – but I’ll reserve judgement ’til we see and hear some more.

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  1. Looks so good to use. I hope it comes with a decently sized battery, a quad core RK3188 or Tegra 3 processor and a nice resolution. Also hoping that the handles have a nice rubbery matte feel instead of being glossy and plain out sad plastic.

  2. I love the case design on this thing. I hope it starts a trend.

  3. […] Hall of Fame is the biggest highlight of the fair; in fact this section is all about the high-quality latest cool gadgets which have made their presence feel because of their design and functions. At the moment it is very difficult to say about its price and release date outside Hong Kong because potential buyers are still waiting for the official statement. But one thing is sure that it will have android operating system but at the same time a little bit of confusion is there as far as the version is concerned. iPega android gaming tablet will have connectivity through WiFi along with HDMI output, and USB input. Via […]

  4. strider_mt2k says: Reply

    It looks comfortable as hell to use. I just hope they spec it right.
    It also looks like the same key mapping tool that JXD is using is running on that too.
    That could be a good thing in that the newer enhanced keymapper is pretty decent.

  5. This is truly a generic gamepad with an actual screen, faithful to form! I can look at it as a psx/xbox pad, but with a screen on it. At formal level, it really embodies gaming in its control. But then again, it needs to be saved by someone on forums to work decently, as usual… Overall, it’s quite interesting. (The psp go has an adapter to make it look very much like this)

  6. He analog sticks look a little big. I hope they don’t have too much slop

  7. Looks like it’s going to be a good year when the android handheld finally comes of age

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