New JXD S7800 Pops Up At HKTDC

Waiting for the 5 inch JXD S5800? So was I, but it looks like we might be waiting a while longer because JXD already have promo shots of a new quad core 7 incher.

HKTDC JXD S7800 Shot

RK3188 or A31? No-one seems to know for sure, but Skelton has spoken to the manufacturer who claim it’ll be RockChip. Let’s hope so.

Link to thread on (Chinese)
Link to thread on (Chinese)

11 thoughts on “New JXD S7800 Pops Up At HKTDC”

  1. I Guess being A31 wouldn’t be bad… the SGX GPU is more powerful than the Mali that Rockchip uses… and for gaming, gpu is usually more important.

  2. Keep ’em coming.
    I’m curious to see how the quad cores keep up with the heavier MAME titles.
    My Tegra 3 tablet seems to handle a lot of them with ease, but then again it doesn’t have built in controls.

  3. I bet it will cost about…. 149.99$, around it? Meanwhile, the s7300 will drop a little more to… maybe 100$, to keep the scale acceptable with its other console prices. This quad core stuff is pricey, mostly on mobile phones (the mtk chip on china’s phones).

    • Hey chad, talking about more options, I lately tried the nds emulator on my aurora II tablet. I ran harvest moon cute, and it was alright.. not perfect but very playable, I spent some time on it. So, could we consider that, besides psp emulation, the ds emulation is the the top hardware demanding software of its genre for an android system? And could it be playable with 0 frameskip, sound on, filters etc on a quad core of this kind these guys are planning to release? I mean, to add just another console that barely plays the same emulators is pointless. (psx on aurora II with epsxe, best gfx plugin works alright, but I would like to think on a console that could do it great, and also the ds emulation of course). About the “wait a week, you’ll have more options” post something about it when you know more. Cheers!

      • I would say last gen handhelds, (IE the DS and the PSP), would be the best measure of a system designed for emulation, yes. I am no expert on the software complexity behind such things, but the PSP is the more technological powerful system, so I would imagine that it would be more demanding to emulate.

        As far as my “Wait a week” comment, I was not referring to anything specific, like some rumored announcement or any news I was privy to, merely stating the world of Android handhelds seems to be in a fast and furious state of flux at the moment, and as soon as one system makes it to market, there is already a replacement (usually from the same company) about to be launched.

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