Willgoo Demos The Iben GamePad L1-C

IbenX GamePad

The IbenX GamePad generated a bit of interest when it was shown off at HKTDC, now Willgoo have managed to snag a sample unit of the Quad Core handheld and have kindly filmed a few demo videos for us. The 7″ machine is powered by AllWinner’s A31S SoC and will probably be released in about a month’s time. The videos below show off Tekken 3 for the PS1, Mario Kart for N64 and the native Android game Dead Trigger. It looks as though there is a custom launcher sitting atop Android 4.1 which you can see at the beginning of the 1st video.

There is also said to be a dual core variant powered by the AllWinner A20, as well as an A31 transforming version that couples seperate controls with a tablet. Still no word on pricing for any of the units, but you can head over to the website to check out pics and more info for all three. Willgoo also posted some higher resolution photos of their sample unit over on the dingoonity boards.

9 thoughts on “Willgoo Demos The Iben GamePad L1-C”

  1. Probably a few reasons for that, not only that this form factor handheld is no longer new and exciting but also that the AllWinner A31 is not all it’s cracked up to be. The hype would be much bigger if this was a 5 incher with RockChip’s new RK3188.

    • I don’t know about it, but did you notice if there was a great performance boost since the dual core scene? (I’m asking since you’re more experienced with these devices) In the tekken video the voice sounds repeated a lot.

      • Perhaps in the RK3188, but apparently the A31 performs about as well as the dual core RK3066 in most applications, sometimes worse and only occasionally better.

        I read somewhere that most Android software isn’t written to take full advantage of multiple cores yet, which may have something to do with it.

  2. The control set up looks a bit awkward, if anything on the RIGHT hand side of the unit the 4 action buttons should be swapped with the second stick so that they are easier to get to as they will be used most often.


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