Much i5 Unboxing From Willgoo

Here’s a video from willgoo showing a new 5″ handheld from iReadyGo. The Much i5 is the first of these type of machines to house a Mediatek SoC and this one contains the all new quad core MTK6589. Allegedly it also has dual sim card slots though I don’t think there is any GSM chip for standard phone calls.

Apologies for the brief post, I’m currently sat in the square in Vilnius, Lithuania drinking a beer and pilfering the free WiFi! Hopefully more info to come when I get home.

9 thoughts on “Much i5 Unboxing From Willgoo”

    • Hi 🙂 I’m not from Lithuania but I was there for a week for my friend’s wedding. Vilnius is beautiful, we had a fantastic time. Hope to visit again some time.

  1. Did you really just go on a limb and put you’re own “personal preference” before anybody else? Honestly you nexus fanboys make me sick. This is a GAMING HANDHELD. You can’t compare a damn tablet to a POCKET device. And as far as future proofing you’re only half right as the xperia play is still able to play games well despite it’s single core cpu. I’d take a android handheld for gaming over a tablet anyday. It just makes way more sense. Plus these handhelds support usb controllers anyway so the controller part is bs. Sorry if im coming off as harsh but cmon every device has its purposes.

  2. It seems to be an excellent piece, both phone and game console (and perhaps tablet, since it fits on the “phablet” genre too)with controls, no crap connected with wires and dockings, bluetooth menus, etc etc. Something that interests me a lot.

    I’m very curious about its price, because everything else seems on the spot. My mkt 6577 plays everything well, so this one will do even better.

  3. 1, Why is it named after an intel cpu?

    2. why are the buttons look like mike and ikes?

    3. Why don’t people just get a nexus 7 2 with a cheap controller? You are getting awesome specs for $230

    • 1 & 2 – Because.

      3. A very good number of reasons:

      A lot of these game-focused tables are far cheaper than $230 – less than half that price, some are a third of that price.

      To some people, the Nexus is over powered for a game system – especially one focused on retro-gaming. Why pay for power you don’t need? (Again, you can get an android gaming tablet for under $75 – and it will run emulators for everything up to and including the PS1.)

      Most people can’t fit a 7″ tablet in their pocket, but could a 5″ game system.

      The Nexus option is even more bulky when you add having to carry a separate game controller. (and chargers / batteries for both).

      How do you play a tablet through a game controller on a subway, or a bus, or the back seat of a car? Do you have 3 hands?

      To some people, 7″ is too big of a screen for portable gaming, they think that old school games, especially old school portable games look bad on a big screen.

      The Nexus doesn’t have expandable storage – there’s no SD card slot. It is pretty convenient to be able to load up all your roms on one SD card, and your media on another and swap them out when needed – just as an example.

      The controls on some (not all – and I don’t know about this particular system) systems are far better than whatever “cheap controller” you would get.

      It’s just super convenient to have it all in one system, just grab and go – no searching for the controller.

      Should I go on?


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