New JXD Promo Confirms 2 Quad Core Handhelds In The Works

JXD S5800

All has been quiet on the JXD front for quite some time now, but it looks as though their production line is about to be fired up again for a new round of quad core handhelds. Many people have been chomping at the bit for a powerful 5 inch handheld from the Hong Kong firm since the rumoured S5600 all those months ago, so the below image may be cause for some celebration. The 7 inch variant is something we’ve seen and heard rumours of before, but unfortunately will be powered by the slightly inferior AllWinner A31*. The below image has been cropped from some promotional material containing info of 14 (fourteen!) of their past, present and future handhelds.



*Willgoo staff have since said that there will be 2 variants of the S7800, one with the A31S and one with the RK3188. We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s happened before that we’ve seen renders, even prototypes in some cases, of JXD machines that never reach market – so don’t take this as gospel just yet. It does stand to reason though that JXD’s next step would be revisiting the possibility of a powerful 5 inch machine, and of course those new quad core CPUs would be just the ticket to generate a bit of hype. I reckon we’ll be seeing more of these little chaps in the next couple of months. I have my heart set on a 5 inch RK3188 machine personally, so this could be the one.

Here’s the full promotional release from JXD containing all 14 of those boxes of joy.

2013-JXD-Smart Game Console1

Many thanks to Chris for sending this in.

15 Replies to “New JXD Promo Confirms 2 Quad Core Handhelds In The Works”

  1. I’d love to see the 5″ with an IPS screen. Ireadygo Much i5 has it on a 5″ – too bad it also only has 1 Gb RAM, but at least it is also a quadcore…

  2. End of the month Willgoo says $160 for the S7800

  3. Would have to sell my s7300 before considering either one of these. A release date would be nice.

  4. It’s about time jxd got modern specs for their 5 inch handhelds

    2 gbs of ram and a quad core


    If this thing goes for under $130 it will get a lot of attention…

  5. It’s about time jxd got modern specs for their 5 inch handhelds

    2 gbs of ram and a quad core


    If this thing goes for under $130 it will get a lot of attention

  6. The RockChip RK3188 (used in the the 5″ tablet) recently had a source code release for linux. It may be possible to port openDingux to this device…

  7. AHHHH nooooo… now I want that 5″! How long will we wait for these items…. -.-

  8. it seems they dropped the s5600 for the s5800 but they kept that crappy screen. The only good thing about that is the performance will be great at lower resolutions!

  9. The S5800 has piqued my interest, but I’m not really in the market for another handheld right now (got my GCW keepin’ me busy, heehee). I it is actually comes out, and IF it has a favorable price, and IF it gets some good reviews, I MIGHT consider getting one just for Android gaming, freeing up my phone for more ‘serious’ apps.

  10. I like what I see but I might just have to get a shield instead.

    1. obscurehandhelds says: Reply

      If it was available in the UK I would probably have ordered one already and forgotten all about JXD.

      1. I’ll definitely pick one of these up if Skelton makes a custom rom for it. Looking at these specs this is what I wish the GCW was with the same size screen and Dingux

  11. F*. Why so big?
    I want a portable gaming device, not a tablet. :/
    I wish we could have some good 3 ~ 4″ options.. 🙁

    1. obscurehandhelds says: Reply

      For Android I think 5 inch is about right, preferably with a 720p panel as well but we can’t have it all eh.

      I agree that 3-4″ is a better size for handhelds in general, but it can get fiddly unless the OS is tailored for such a size (which Android is not imo).

      1. i’ve used to play on mi minipro and it’s just fine. the only problem, it wasn’t designed for gaming. i hope sony (or anyone) take the initiative to make a n-gage like phone, now we have the tech so… why it has to be so big?!
        regards, some dude

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