Deen0X Takes A Closer Look At The JXD S5110B


If you’re interested in the new dual core PSP-alike from JXD, have a read of this article from Deen0X. He states that it’s not a full review but rather a first impression and overview of the product, but it’s definitely worth a read if you’re considering the device yourself.

The JXD S5110B is available from Willgoo and from Geekgoo!

Source: Manguiro Blog

9 thoughts on “Deen0X Takes A Closer Look At The JXD S5110B”

  1. It seems the pessimism of this short article is unfounded. The S5110b is a great device. It fixes almost all of my complaints with the previous version (improvements include: one piece d-pad, instead of split d-pad, and two real unlinked analog nubs). Emulation performance is great, it even emulates Nintendo DS very well using the DraStic emulator.

    It’s really a great device.

  2. It seems like you’re more worried about appearance than actual functionality. If thats the case then maybe you shouldn’t be on this site then. I find the psp form factor to be great and it’s already familiar so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

  3. Man I’m so sick of these PSP knockoff designs. Never liked the design and it never looks good when you have one in public. It just looks like a cheap bootleg PMP. What happened to the S5800? A smaller version of the 7inch? That was such a good design and a smaller form factor too since I don’t need another big tablet it would’ve been nice.


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