Another Android 7 Incher, The GameMID


The GameMID is a new device manufactured by Hong Kong firm REP Electronics. It’s not on the market yet but Youtuber lactobacillusprime has gotten hold of a prototype and filmed a mammoth 1 hour review of the device. This is one of the best reviews I’ve seen for this kind of device, full of benchmark tests, comparisons with comparable machines (JXD, Archos etc) and tests of a wide range of games – both native and emulated. He even strips the back off and gives us a good look at its internals (fnar fnar).

The GameMID houses the same hardware as the Archos GamePad (RK3066) but in my opinion it looks like a much more well rounded device. There are said to be no problems with button overlaps, the dpad is real and the analog sticks feel great and perform as they should. If Archos had released something more like this, I think it would have been a bigger winner. I am told that this device will not be branded by REP Electronics and will be available to commerical customers with a small amount of customisation, so we can perhaps expect to see a few variations of this device available in the near future under some more recognisable brand names.

The manufacturer website is, though there are currently no details of the device up there.

Thanks to chent7 for sending this in.

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  1. hi guys, seen the comments and thanks for the attention for our great device. several oem versions are now on the market in Europe and in two weeks in Japan. This is the ONLY correct working Gaming Tablet PC and we have spend 8 monts in software development to make it really compatible with all the various games in the market, make the controls function exactly the same as a real game contorller (such as the ps3 controller) and have as well ALL the gaming buttons available. For the touch screen games we developed the virtual key mapping that is simple to use, assign and play and yes it is really working, compared what is seen or experienced in the market. And NO it is not a knock off of a PSP, it is a real tablet pc of high quality made for android and the gaming industry. Even the gaming cube from ( you know the name) that is now on the market, does not even work as well as our device? I would like to say, try it for yourselves as we are taking order now for the early adopters. thnx and more reviews to come as we have made the functionality even beter this month to support even more (swipe) games with physical buttons ( like Temple Run). rgds the development team of GameMID.

    • It’s a British thing apparently…

      1. fnarr

      ‘fnarr’ is an exclaimation made popular by a character called Finbarr Saunders in British adult comic ‘Viz’. Use immediately after hearing someone crack a double entendrĂ© for optimal impact.
      “fnarr fnarr!” – Used most appropriately when someone has said something which has dual meaning, also known as a ‘double entendrĂ©’.

      So now you know đŸ™‚

  2. It looks pretty cool.
    I’m still hurting from my JXD S7300 falling apart on me though.

    If this Sero 7 Pro in running these days goes belly up for some reason I may consider trying another one of these, but I’m really kind of spoiled on Tegra now.

      • The left side controls locked to the left.
        I’m an electronics tech and was able to probe the controls all the way to the board, so it was something internal.
        I tried re-flashing the firmware, but it stopped responding after the second attempt at that.
        Disappointing experience, but the community around it over at Dingoonity is good.

  3. If you go on the REP electronic’s website. On the homepage you can see the images changing on above the title game consoles, after a while you can see the gameMID! Also according to Youtuber, This GameMID Console will be on the market in weeks time.


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