RockChip Acts On Their Promise, RK3188 Linux Source Now Available


In a video I posted back in April, RockChip Vice President Chen Feng promised that they were working towards becoming a more open company. Ultimately most people are hoping this means releasing their Android source, but for now the first step has been taken and they’ve released a Linux source code for their RK3188 SoC. Whilst this doesn’t mean much for end users in the immediate future, it means a lot for developers trying to port Linux distributions to RK3188 devices such as the Ugoos UG007B, a myriad of tablets and hopefully in the future, some handhelds.

If you’re interested in taking a look, you can check it out in github.

Who knows how far this will go, for now I’m just going to sit back and imagine a super powerful handheld running OpenDingux*. Drools.

Source: Liliputing

*I know OpenDingux is built to run on MIPS currently, but a man can dream.

4 thoughts on “RockChip Acts On Their Promise, RK3188 Linux Source Now Available”

  1. We should be thanking Rikomagic for releasing this source code, not Rockchip.
    This is not a sign that Rockchip is more open. This is another example of the problem with them!
    We’re still reliant on third parties to release the kernel source.

    • Understood, but presumably in the past RockChip either refused to give out their code or dis-allowed manufacturers from distributing it. I guess we thank RockChip for delivering the goods and RikoMagic for having the initiative to ask for it and make it available.

  2. It would be very cool to have Linux running a powerful processor. One of my biggest problems with these handhelds is that they run Android. Android is great for running Android apps but is pretty terrible for emulation.


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