GCW Zero SEs Begin To Ship, First Unboxing By AztroZombie!


It looks like the long and arduous journey is coming to an end as reportedly 60 of the 150 Special Edition Zeros have already been shipped. One of the first to receive their unit is AztroZombie who kindly posted up some unboxing pictures showing the device itself, its accessories and the T Shirt.

Head over to Dingoonity to see the long awaited moment unfold in front of your very eyes.

Kickstarter backers, your time is coming soon!


3 thoughts on “GCW Zero SEs Begin To Ship, First Unboxing By AztroZombie!”

  1. Justin seems to only be able to squeeze out 20 or so GCW’s a week. The only reason I can see for the slow roll out is that there’s been reports sicking d pads and buttons. This snail’s pace shipping schedule is frustrating in any case and seems pretty inexcusable despite the d pad issues. If Justin doesn’t pick up the pace his project is going to go bust.


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