Out Of Nowhere – A New Controller For Your N64

Until recently options were pretty limited if you wanted to replace your ageing and increasingly waggly N64 controller. You could either buy a knockoff from China, pay a silly amount for a third party Hori Mini Pad or replace the analog stick with a third party GameCube style one. The third option probably the most … Read more

Rhomb.io Terminates Partnership With Smach Z Team (Update: Smach Team Responds)

In a blog post on the their website today, Rhomb.io, the developers of the hardware due to power the Smach Z have said they are pulling out of the project. Citing communication failures and a lack of understanding of the project timeline by Smach Z – they will no longer be co-operating with the team … Read more

Build Your Own RPi Gameboy Advance With Freeplaytech’s Kits

Despite not having been updated since 2015, Google Now is still my Launcher of choice because of the articles it recommends for me in the swipe left screen. Today’s mildly interesting read came in the form of a Kickstarter campaign for what are essentially a pair of custom circuit boards that fit inside of a … Read more

Smach Z to Return to Kickstarter Next Month

Last year this SteamOS powered handheld arrived on Kickstarter with a $900k goal and no working prototype. Unsurprisingly things didn’t go as planned and the campaign was pulled before the end. The team vowed that they would return after sourcing the majority of funds from private investors instead. Things went relatively quiet for a while, until … Read more

GCW Zero SEs Begin To Ship, First Unboxing By AztroZombie!

It looks like the long and arduous journey is coming to an end as reportedly 60 of the 150 Special Edition Zeros have already been shipped. One of the first to receive their unit is AztroZombie who kindly posted up some unboxing pictures showing the device itself, its accessories and the T Shirt. Head over … Read more

OUYA: Initial Thoughts

First off, I don’t want to call this a review. There are a number of reasons why – the main one being I don’t think you can accurately “review” a console. There are too many variables. Secondly, the OUYA hasn’t officially even launched yet. Yes, all the Kickstarter backers have been sent their OUYAs, but … Read more

GCW Want To Manufacture 3000 More Zeros, But They Need Your Help To Do It

The first GCW Zeros are trickling out to patient and excited customers as we speak. In order to manufacture another 3000 units and satisfy the demand, Justin and his crew are asking for $130,000 dollars via their newly launched Kickstarter campaign. The GCW Zero is the spiritual successor to the infamous Dingoo A320 and promises … Read more

Pandora Team Gets To Work On A New Product

Craigix, the man behind the OpenPandora console, has recently launched a KickStarter project in which he is hoping to raise $150,000 for his new project. The new project isn’t a console, but rather a controller. It is the follow up to the iControlPad and hopes to improve upon the design of the original, as well as … Read more