GCW Want To Manufacture 3000 More Zeros, But They Need Your Help To Do It

GCW Zero

The first GCW Zeros are trickling out to patient and excited customers as we speak. In order to manufacture another 3000 units and satisfy the demand, Justin and his crew are asking for $130,000 dollars via their newly launched Kickstarter campaign.

The GCW Zero is the spiritual successor to the infamous Dingoo A320 and promises to carry on where the Dingoo left off, sporting an Ingenic JZ4770 1Ghz CPU, 256MB of RAM and Vivante GC860 GPU, all helping to drive a purpose built Linux port. If you’re interested in checking out what the Zero has to offer, your first port of call should be qbertaddict1’s channel on Youtube where he’s furnished us with a heft of videos showing off some of the current games and emulators already available for the device.

There are just 20 days to raise the funds, so if you’re interested in supporting the project (and bagging yourself a Zero fresh off the production line, if you pledge enough cash) why not head over to the page and check out their rather polished looking promo video and blurb.

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