JXD S7300 “GamePad 2” Now Available For Pre-Order, $150 Shipped


There are many people hoping that JXD’s S7300 ‘does right’ what Archos did wrong on the Gamepad, and we’re now one step closer to finding out. Willgoo are expecting stock towards the end of this or early next month, and for those eager beavers who plonk down a pre-order, you’ll get a free protective pouch, cleaning cloth and an 8GB MicroSD card to get you started.

Head on over to the product page for more info and to make your pre-order.

18 thoughts on “JXD S7300 “GamePad 2” Now Available For Pre-Order, $150 Shipped”

  1. No one is mentioning battery life of this thing. After the firmware update, my Archos Gamepad is performing very well, except for the dismal battery. I wonder what else the S7300 can improve on the Archos.

  2. Does anyone know yet if the analog sticks are “real” or not? That’d be my only barrier to getting one of these at the moment. That and battery life, but as long as it at least lasts as long as the 3DS (which shouldn’t be hard) I can live with it.

      • Hold out for a review or confirmation from willgoo if it’s a deal breaker, because no- one knows for certain yet. Though watching the video I posted a few entries back, it really does look like it.

      • Yeah, I’m probably going to wait for a review anyway, just in case there are any massive unforeseen flaws – I don’t want to drop $150 on one of these and then find out it crashes all the time or the shoulder buttons fall off or something.

    • I just had a look at the video you posted – it does seem like the person is using the left stick to move and the right to aim, but you only see them assigning the D-pad and buttons at the start of the video, so I’m not sure how they’re mapped to the game controls. I’m not familiar with the button mapping software (or Modern Combat 3) though – anyone have any insight into how it might be working?


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