The PiBoy DMG May Be The First RPi4 Handheld

piboy dmg render

The Raspberry Pi4 was released back in June 2019, but it hasn’t yet found its way in to any mass produced handhelds. There are two main reasons for this. The lack of a more compact Compute Module variant of the RPi4 means that any handheld would have to accommodate the comparatively bulky full sized board. Secondly, there is no official build of RetroPie for the Raspberry Pi4 yet. That hasn’t stopped these guys though, and the PiBoy DMG may be the first RPi4 handheld to be mass produced.

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Is KinHank’s Handheld The Best CM3 Machine Yet?

The Compute Module 3 (or CM3) is a shrunk down version of the Raspberry Pi3 designed for use in industrial and commercial appliances. Its small form factor is the perfect candidate for a handheld. Although there are many homemade and commercial handhelds available that contain the full size RPi3 board, they tend to be very chunky and can have a somewhat “made in the garage” feel to them. We’re definitely not spoiled for choice when it comes to Compute Module handhelds, although I have covered two on this blog previously in the form of the FreePlay CM3 and Creoqode’s Lyra.

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Hello Again, And Look At This…

Nope I’m not dead yet, I just got a bit bored with the stagnating pool of mediocre Android powered handhelds from China. Maybe I should be digging deeper to find the interesting stuff, but honestly I haven’t really had the inclination to do so recently. It’s a mixture of guilt for neglecting this place, and …

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