OUYA: Initial Thoughts

First off, I don’t want to call this a review. There are a number of reasons why – the main one being I don’t think you can accurately “review” a console. There are too many variables. Secondly, the OUYA hasn’t officially even launched yet. Yes, all the Kickstarter backers have been sent their OUYAs, but …

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A Real Android Home Console Is On Its Way

On July 10th a little known company launched their Kickstarter project with a view to raising $950,000 towards their Nvidia Tegra 3 Android Home Console, named Ouya. The following 24 hours took everybody by surprise as it was announced that their goal had been smashed and $2,850,000 had been pledged towards their project. As of writing, the fund continues to rise and well over $4,500,000 has been pledged. What does this tell you? Well for starters, Kickstarter is proving to be an excellent way of getting solid fledgling projects off the ground, and secondly – a tonne of people are very interested in an Android home console. Especially when it’s promised to cost only $99.

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