Enter The Quad Core HDMI Stick

It was less than 12 months ago that Rikomagic released its single core AllWinner A10 HDMI stick – a mini Android PC housed inside a tiny little plastic box with a HDMI plug on it. Now, 11 months later, those ‘powerful’ A10 processors are long since obsolete as we clamour for faster speeds, more cores … Read more

Ouya Ships To KS Backers, Engadget Reviews It

Right on schedule, Ouya has begun shipping to the ~50,000 people that backed it on the Kick Starter page. Whilst criticism of this project seems rife in any discussion you happen upon online, the naysayers that claimed this would never ship can now hang their head in shame – because it’s here. It’s here for … Read more

Another Indie Home Console On The Horizon

What is the PawByte NextGen home console? All will be revealed in a press event on the 14th of this month apparently. Up ’til now no exact specs have been revealed, but we do know that it’ll be running a customised version of Arch Linux, will run on an x86 architecture CPU and will cost … Read more