Another Indie Home Console On The Horizon


What is the PawByte NextGen home console? All will be revealed in a press event on the 14th of this month apparently. Up ’til now no exact specs have been revealed, but we do know that it’ll be running a customised version of Arch Linux, will run on an x86 architecture CPU and will cost between $150 – $250.

Sounds rather a lot like a run of the mill HTPC. But before we write it off as fluff, let’s wait until the 14th and hear what they’ve got planned for it.

Some prototype stats and planned retail stats from theweirdn8 as follows.

Prototype Stats

  • Architecture: x86
  • Ram: 8GB
  • HardDrive: 64GB
  • GPU: GT 520
  • Output: HDMI
  • 2 USB Ports
  • OS. Custom Version of Arch Linux

Planned Stats for system

  • 4-8GB RAM
  • Hopefully 1TB HardDrive
    • Due to Online Game Store, Downloadable Game Media and save files.
  • DVD Drive(for game discs and DVDs of course)
  • We don’t think we can outdo Sony in terms of price and quality for blueray right now…
  • GPU/CPU undetermined yet
  • Flash storage amount undetermined as well.
  • HDMI and AV Output up to 1080p(unless something better comes out on other nextGen consoles)
  • 4-6 USB Ports
  • WiFi and Ethernet
  • Wireless support may be through Bluetooth or another method one of our engineers is proposing
  • OS: Custom Version of Arch Linux
  • For pricing we are considering between $150-$250

In the meantime you can head over to their website for an utterly deflating teaser video and the opportunity to sign up to their newsletter.

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  1. Hey guys, we are not affiliated with Envizions or OTON. We’re based in Chicago and if you have any questions shoot us an e-mail via The purpose of the forum thread was to alert people of the conference so they can watch live instead of after the fact and discuss and help on how to make the system better.


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