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  1. Ashen might be known for giving bad reviews – but – this one makes a lot of sense. I mean, a NeoGeo made by SNK that’s just an emulator? And not and an especially powerful one at that…. I am disappoint. Not super disappoint, since I was never a NeoGeo fan – but still..

  2. Since when has Ashens given a favorable review to anything, besides snacks?

    Even his review of the a320 could be called ambivalent, at best.

    1. You’re right, his Dingoo review was lazy and it annoyed me that he didn’t cover OD at all. However, I think this review is pretty much spot on. The machine is a cheap and nasty cash in and SNK shouldn’t have put their name to it.

      edit: Oh, and not all of his reviews are dismal. If I remember rightly his Open Pandora review was pretty upbeat.

      1. Yeah, I’m a fan of Ashens, and he likes “taking the piss.” But he’s generally a fair reviewer. He just doesn’t always go into a review with complete knowledge on the stuff he’s reviewing. I think his Neo Geo X review is spot on though. Unlike the collectors and fanboys on youtube who are just jizzing over the fact that SNK put out a new “official” console, and in stores no less.

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