Ouya Ships To KS Backers, Engadget Reviews It

Right on schedule, Ouya has begun shipping to the ~50,000 people that backed it on the Kick Starter page. Whilst criticism of this project seems rife in any discussion you happen upon online, the naysayers that claimed this would never ship can now hang their head in shame – because it’s here. It’s here for … Read more

The Android Stick Onslaught Continues, Make Way For The UG007

It was barely 4 months ago that the MK802 Android stick splashed down, causing quite stir in the tech waters. But since then we’ve had a few incremental upgrades to that, more memory in some devices, different SoCs in others. The UG007 has just been announced and is the latest in the line of tiny … Read more

1GB Version Of MK802 Lands At Lightake, 512MB Version At DX

It’s been available on sites like Aliexpress and Taobao for a while now, but if like me you’ve been waiting for a real outlet to start selling this delightfully portable Android PC – you’re in luck. You can now stop waiting and start deciding which version you’re going to grab – because both DealExtreme and … Read more

MK802 Is A Tiny Android 4.0 Media Centre For Your TV

I just stumbled across this delightful little box of tricks and although it isn’t quite in keeping I thought I’d share it anyway. Android set top boxes (or media players if you prefer) are nothing new, but I’ve never seen one quite so small and pleasing on the eye. I wanted one as soon as I saw … Read more