Ouya Ships To KS Backers, Engadget Reviews It


Right on schedule, Ouya has begun shipping to the ~50,000 people that backed it on the Kick Starter page. Whilst criticism of this project seems rife in any discussion you happen upon online, the naysayers that claimed this would never ship can now hang their head in shame – because it’s here. It’s here for the Kick Starter backers anyway, the rest of us will have to wait until June 4th to bag one of these Tegra 3 boxes of joy.

Engadget reviewed their unit yesterday, and whilst they concluded that the controller could use some work and the software library leaves a bit to be desired – the overall impression is a positive one. I’m very pleased to hear it too.

Here’s their short video review. If you want the full write up just click here to read it on their website.

I’m kinda gutted I didn’t back it now. Whilst I never doubted that it would ship, I felt a little unenthusiastic about the device. Needless to say, I feel differently now and come June 4th I’ll gleefully be jumping on this bandwagon. Anyone else received theirs, or now wishing they’d pre-ordered?

6 thoughts on “Ouya Ships To KS Backers, Engadget Reviews It”

  1. They’ve already mentioned it can do it :S it will stream any steam game you’ve purchased on your pc whilst you are connected to the same network. Now as far as dedicated games for the handheld itself. We will have to see what nvidia can get 3rd parties to bring to the new tegrazone. And then obviously you have all your angry birds crap etc.

  2. Why are you excited? You could have bought a similar Chinese Android device all this time without having to give your money to people whom you weren’t sure would deliver.

    • Like what? Something like the S7300? It’s too far from being a convenient solution to have permanently plugged into the TV. For example, the LCD never turns off so it’d have to be plugged into the mains all of the time which would ruin the battery and make it run as hot as hell.

      If you meant one of those standalone boxes or HDMI sticks then I kind of see your point, except none of them (thus far) have had enough support to make them work flawlessly. I had an MK802 when they first came out and although a couple of custom firmwares were released there were still a myriad of problems and incompatibilities with it due to the lack of source code. At least with the Ouya it 1) runs on a very well known processor and 2) will have source code available. Plus the Tegra 3 is a fair bit more powerful than any of those Chinese machines (with perhaps the exception of the RK3188 and A31 but I haven’t researched it, and they’re not really available in that form factor yet.

  3. The tech blogs are for crap nowadays.
    We need new tech blogs with people who give a crap about what is important.

  4. Fuck those nay sayers cause they just hired goons to tear down each small fish attempt to make something different. What? A world with just xbox and ps2? Fuck that. EA shitty games? Hype train in every corner? But no optimism for diversity? That’s madness..


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