1GB Version Of MK802 Lands At Lightake, 512MB Version At DX


It’s been available on sites like Aliexpress and Taobao for a while now, but if like me you’ve been waiting for a real outlet to start selling this delightfully portable Android PC – you’re in luck. You can now stop waiting and start deciding which version you’re going to grab – because both DealExtreme and Lightake are stocking these!

I first wrote about the MK802 in May and since then a 2nd version has shown up – exactly the same except for a bump in RAM from 512MB to 1GB.

If 512MB is enough for you, you can head on over to DX and grab a white one for $78.00 shipped. But if you’d rather go balls out you can pre-order the 1GB version in either white or black from Lightake for a mere $79.99.

There seems to be a lot of buzz around the net concerning this device, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see a community start to form to support it after the manufacturers have moved on. Has anyone ordered one of these yet? I’d be interested to hear your opinions on it if so…


The folks at Liliputing just uploaded a couple of vids showing the unboxing and a nice demonstration. This is the 512MB version but I guess the performance difference between them will be fairly minimal.

There’s a written review over on their website too, check it out.

11 thoughts on “1GB Version Of MK802 Lands At Lightake, 512MB Version At DX”

  1. These toys are too expensive. For a similar price you can buy the whole pad or android console. This gadget does not have display, battery and so on. The real price will be around 50$ or less.

    • Agreed, it should be a little bit cheaper. But it’s still cheaper than tablets with the same hardware and you have to factor in that a certain amount of R&D must have gone in to shrinking it down to this tiny size.

      Bear in mind that the Ainol Novo Aurora has the same hardware inside it and costs around $150. The only extra bits it has are the LCD (which is expensive in the Aurora granted), backlighting and battery.

    • I have a problem too… I don’t actually need things, but they just look too cool not to own. And I. Must. Own. Them!! ­čś«

      It looks amazing though, really looking forward to it myself soon!

      Do you reckon the 1GB DDR3 will be able to handle higher-end games/apps better?


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