Ouya Prototype Unboxed By CEO Julie Uhrman

Feast your eyes on this. The $699 developer versions of the Ouya console are now making their way into the hands of eager pre-orderers. CEO of the Ouya project Julie Uhrman decided to beat every last one of them to the punch by filming her own unboxing video first.

Housed in transparent plastic shells, these developer consoles look awesome to me. The pads look comfortable and the console itself is way smaller than it seemed when the project initially launched.

Unfortunately as with all slow to market tech projects like this, the specs are no longer quite as impressive as they once seemed. Dwarfed by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro and Samsung’s Exynos 5250, and with Tegra 4 already announced for Q1 2013; we’ll just have to wait and see how well this thing takes off.

4 thoughts on “Ouya Prototype Unboxed By CEO Julie Uhrman”

  1. It may be true that there are better processors on the horizon, I am still looking forward to getting my OUYA. I have to keep reminding myself that I have it coming every time I see a $35 Android TV stick or a Roku XS for $60.

    That said, I kind of hope the Mini-USB slot makes it to the consumer model as well. That will make it a lot more “open” which they keep reminding us it will be. I have a feeling the good folks over at CyanogenMod are going to have a field day with this thing.


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