New JXD S7800 Pops Up At HKTDC

Waiting for the 5 inch JXD S5800? So was I, but it looks like we might be waiting a while longer because JXD already have promo shots of a new quad core 7 incher. RK3188 or A31? No-one seems to know for sure, but Skelton has spoken to the manufacturer who claim it’ll be RockChip. …

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JXD S7300 GamePad 2 Review

Although this review may come a little late for some, it’s been difficult to judge when the best time for it would be. On the one hand earlier is better, it gives you time to make an informed decision before gadget lust sets in and you transfer your Paypal balance half way across the world. …

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The JXD S7300, One Month Later

The S7300 from JXD has been available for about a month now, and if you followed the comments from eager pre-orderers you’ll know that whilst the hardware side of it is fairly solid, the stock firmware leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t really come as a surprise, does it? Thankfully there are already …

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More Info On JXD’s GamePad-alikes, the S7300 And Its Little Brother The S5600

If you’re chomping at the bit for more info on JXD’s new gaming tablet, you’re in luck because the technical specs are in! The kind folks over at have furnished us with a promotional PDF from JXD themselves, and lo and behold the S7300 takes pride of place on page 4, shortly followed by a surprise addition in the form of the S5600! I previously mentioned the S7300 but technical specs were none existant at the time – JXD has now spilled the beans, but interestingly these are not rocking the same RK3066 that we’ll be getting in the Archos GamePad.

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The Cheapest Android Player Yet?

A while ago I reviewed the Window N50, a 5 inch Android portable for casual browsing and media consumption on the go. Pocketable Android players never really took off though, possibly because I’m just about the only person interested in them. For some reason, JXD has decided to release one of its own and it …

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