JXD S7300 Promotional Video Surfaces on Youku

Here’s the first video of the JXD S7300 in action, demo’d with Modern Combat 3. It looks like it’s a promotional video directly from JXD, so if they’re sticking to their usual schedule we can expect it to hit shops in about 2 or 3 weeks time.

Here’s the video, re-uploaded to Youtube for your embedded viewing pleasure.

6 thoughts on “JXD S7300 Promotional Video Surfaces on Youku”

  1. gibberish2020, who uploaded this same promotional video on his Youtube, mentioned that the s5600 “has been abandoned, at least for the foreseeable future” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbXcQr4t528). I quite honestly hope that that’s not the case, as I feel like the d-pad, button and analog stick layout in the s5600 is better than the s7300 imho. Also, for having a 5-inch screen, the s5600 would fit in your hands better than what the s7300 is shown for the demo player’s hands.

    Hopefully JXD will follow through with the s5600. I’m really, really, really anticipating the s5600b to be released sometime this year.

    • Hi Wasabi, yes I posted the video and made the comment. Someone on the Dingoonity boards got in contact with JXD who allegedly told him the S5600 is not going to be released, at least not for a long while yet. It’s a huge shame, I’d go for the S5600 over the S7300 with the same specs in a heartbeat. Oh well.

  2. Looks pretty good – I wonder how much they will be selling it for? If you match it against the Google Nexus 7 which retails for £199 for a 32GB version the specs are quite a bit lower. 1024×600 screen versus 1280×800 in the Nexus. Also Dual core vs Quad core. Unless it’s significantly cheaper it might have been better to make a device which you can clip the Nexus into, giving access to joypad functions and an SD slot?

  3. too big.. ! they had better copied nintendo and make only one 6 inch version.

    if psp emu works on the 5incher i`ll probably replace my s5100 with the new one tho 🙂

  4. :/ Looks bigger than I thought which is not good if I’m looking for something that can fit my pocket. I hope they come out with the S5300 too


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