JXD S5800 Protoype Arrives At Willgoo HQ


Willgoo have acquired a prototype of JXD’s new MTK6582 smartphone-come-handheld, and will shortly be putting it through its paces. The machine sports a 5 inch 960×540 display, runs on Android 4.2 and contains a 3000mah battery as well as dual analog sticks and 4 shoulder buttons. This is the 6582’s first outing in a gaming handheld, so we’ll have to wait and see how it stacks up against its rivals. But for now, you can ogle a few pictures courtesy of Vincent at Willgoo.

If you fancy a piece of the action, you can head to the product page and reserve yours for $169 shipped.


5 thoughts on “JXD S5800 Protoype Arrives At Willgoo HQ”

  1. this “Communications: 3G (WCDMA) Calling+2G (GSM) Calling” meens, that it is a full functional android smartphone? for calling etc? i dont need in the future 2 devices? 🙂 if yes, are there other gamepads with phone-functions?

  2. This would be balls if it had the Mediatek octa-core chip. I really like the pocktable form factor it just needs a little more oomph.


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