GPD’s G5A Is Shipping

It’s here. The worlds first 5 inch RK3188 Android handheld has arrived. I bought one, I don’t know why – I expect it to suffer all of the same problems as JXD’s machines, and possibly more. I like to imagine that GPD have been quietly watching from the sidelines for all this time, noting the faults and foibles of yesterday’s handhelds and taking the time to perfect their very own portable bundle of joy. But let’s be realistic, it’s probably not going to be that way. The deciding factor for me was Skelton’s announcement that this device was a probable candidate for one of his magical Skelroms, but even if he doesn’t get around to it I’ll be sure to take far too many pictures and write far too many words describing its every nook and cranny in gory detail once it gets here.

If you’re interested, you can grab one from Willgoo for $126 shipped. Get in quick though, Chinese New Year is creeping up and the country’s factories, distributors, web stores and mail services will soon pull the plug to take some well deserved time off. Click the pic for the product page.


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