GPD News: New ROMs, New Machines And An Interview with Kelvin Zhang.

First things first, if you’ve recently bagged yourself a G5A or a G7 and have yet to replace the firmware then now is the time to do it. Skelton and Tincore have been hard at work creating their own custom ROMs for these new generation machines and they’re available now for you to use. For …

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A Look At The GPD G5A Hardware


The GPD G5A is my third Android handheld after a Yinlips YDPG16, and a JXD S7300 that I bought for my brother. I’ve always fancied a 5 inch machine but until the G5A they have all been stunted in some way, usually with a less powerful processor than their 7 inch brothers. I ordered my G5A from Willgoo on the 10th of January, it showed up on the Singapore Post tracking site 3 days later, and 10 days later it arrived at my house. Since then I’ve had a bit of time to play around with it, and if you’d like to hear some opinions on the device then read on… 🙂

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In Depth GPD G5A Review Courtesy Of Spyro Le Dragon (French)

It might not be ever so useful to most of us because it’s in French, but you do get a good look at a whole load of games in action – and I’d surmise from the excitable tone of voice that he’s pretty pleased with the device as a whole. I couldn’t see any visual …

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GPD’s G5A Is Shipping

It’s here. The worlds first 5 inch RK3188 Android handheld has arrived. I bought one, I don’t know why – I expect it to suffer all of the same problems as JXD’s machines, and possibly more. I like to imagine that GPD have been quietly watching from the sidelines for all this time, noting the …

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New Kids On The Block

For a few months now there have been renders of a rather unusual looking machine from a company called GPD being posted around the usual websites. The 7 inch handheld appears to be the child of a tablet and a Playstation-esque controller, promising what could be one of the most ergonomic interpretations of the giant …

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