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For a few months now there have been renders of a rather unusual looking machine from a company called GPD being posted around the usual websites. The 7 inch handheld appears to be the child of a tablet and a Playstation-esque controller, promising what could be one of the most ergonomic interpretations of the giant sized portable gaming machine yet. The good news is that the RK3188 powered newcomer is officially out of render territory, as pre-orders are now available at Willgoo for $169.99.


Vincent at managed to snag an ice white pre-production sample and has dutifully taken some snaps and provided a little video of it in action. The retail unit will ship in “Iron Grey”, so don’t be too put off if white isn’t your thing.

Apparently the final units will be white now too.

What’s more, the 5 inch variant has produced it’s first real life sample shots too, courtesy of suxiaomeng on the dingoonity boards. Although not ready for pre-order yet, it is said that the G5A will accommodate the same hardware as it’s bigger brother. This makes it the first 5 inch device to house an RK3188 to my knowledge, and is something that many people have been clamouring for for months. More info when it’s available!


The GPD website now has information on both machines available, as well as some renders of it in black. Check out for more details. (wordpress won’t embed URLs without http at the beginning, for some reason).

4 thoughts on “New Kids On The Block”

  1. 800*480 seems a much more common resolution on cheap Android kit, so that’s what I’d expect from the 5-inch version of this.

    That said, with the JXD S7800B selling for about this much if you shop around, flawed as it is, the 7-inch device seems superfluous. The 5-inch device could be appealing at $129 or so.

    By the way, your slideshow seems to be broken. In both Firefox and Chrome, both with ad blockers disabled, it throws a syntax error on line 3 of the copy of jquery you include, resulting in “This slideshow requires Javascript.” displaying while the slideshow is a black rectangle. A little perl -le 'use JSON; use CGI qw(unescapeHTML); @x = ; $j = unescapeHTML(join("", @x)); my $x = JSON::from_json($j); print map { qq|{src}">| } @$x' >tmp.html (I’m sure that’ll get wrecked by this comment software) was enough to let me see all of them, but most people don’t really have that option.

  2. The problem with this device is its relatively low resolution. The 7” model has a resolution of 600*1024, so we can expect the 5” one to have a resolution of 480*720 – both are lower than other current video standards.
    Otherwise, it seems actually nice. The grips may be a bit to large compared to its body, but it would be the best ergonomic experience a tablet can give.


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