JXD’s 5 Inch S5800 Finally Arrives, But It’s Not What We Hoped

First of all, apologies for the length of time since my last post… Must try harder…

But I bring happy news for all of us waiting for that 5 inch from JXD. I guess seeing the success of the Much iReadyGo i5 may have spurred them on, because they’ve finally decided to hop on the wagon as well. Unfortunately, any hopes for a 5 inch variant of the S7800B are out of the window, because JXD ditched RockChip for their newcomer. Instead they’ve decided to go with a MediaTek chip just like in the Much i5.





The obvious bonus is that you can also use the device as a real live phone if you wanted. There are drawbacks too, however. The MT6582 (which is apparently going to power this machine, though don’t take it as gospel yet because some sites are reporting MT6589) is not as powerful as the MT6589 inside the i5, which in turn is not as powerful as the RK3188 too. The quad core Cortex A7 1.3GhZ chip is a low cost offering from MediaTek, primarily aimed to feature in budget (<$100) Chinese smartphones.

Willgoo did have a pre-order product page up for this, but as of writing it seems to have disappeared. Never the less, once it’s available I’m confident they will stock it. So for now, you can read the article on thedroidguy website and either curse JXD for scrapping the RK3188 variant, or start saving some money. The choice is yours. I might do both.

Update: Willgoo product page is back up.

Thanks to Mateus for sending this in!



13 thoughts on “JXD’s 5 Inch S5800 Finally Arrives, But It’s Not What We Hoped”

  1. I wouldn`t jump to conclusions too soon on this one, actually too bad they didnt reveal it earlier and i bought the s7800 which is also nice so far). Testing ridge racer on both my cheap onn v8 star (qhd mtk6582 1g ram) and the s7800 reveal the emulator runs smoother on my phone, with a almost stable 47 fps while this annoyingly ranges between 32 and 52 on the s7800. the colors also look nicer on the phone lolz. Im obviously only talking about the psp emu here, which i use the most atm and which might have been optimized for mediatek devices..

  2. Okay I got my shield and this thing is a beast. I think it’ll be a few years before there’s anything that will surpass it. It really is an amazing handheld. That said I find myself liking the idea of the portability of the S5800. Quad core, pocketable, I’ll probably pick one up.

  3. … I was expecting this device for long time: 5 inch android game pad with ROCK chip. I was hoping this for getting open source support from rock chip to install linux. now.. all hope is lost. I would either wait for another chinese device or getting GCW zero. or maybe ugly shield. arg.. what were they thinking…?!?

  4. I might be getting one and give my Much i5 to my brother in law. I love the idea of having one device in my pocket. My Much i5 is my perfect device but if the mtk6582 is faster and the gpu is better or more compatible with ppsspp i will switch plus it has all the needed buttons.

  5. Not exactly what I was hoping for. Maybe if they had stuffed it with an MTK6589T processor it would be better. It still seems like a nice device though, so I might get one if the price is right.

    • Actually, scratch that. The MTK6582 seems to score better than the MTK6589T processor in Antutu/ Antutu X, even in the GPU deparment.

  6. Why would anyone buy it is beyond me. It will be a closed source (#MediaTek) buggy (#JXD) “phone” (microphone and speaker placement). It won’t even be as powerful as the JXD S7800A, pitching it far more closely to the S5110B, except number of cores. So why would anyone prefer this over it? It would just be more expensive.
    Just my 2 cents.

    The next evolution in gaming tablets should be shoulder buttons that are one above the other. My only qualm with the S7800’s design.

    • People might get it because the analog stick of S5800 seems to suck less than S5110’s and it probably wont be as huge as the S7800 (7 inchers are awful to me)
      Still, if the “phone” makes it too overpriced, than it will be a huge fail anyway.


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