In Depth GPD G5A Review Courtesy Of Spyro Le Dragon (French)

It might not be ever so useful to most of us because it’s in French, but you do get a good look at a whole load of games in action – and I’d surmise from the excitable tone of voice that he’s pretty pleased with the device as a whole. I couldn’t see any visual demonstration of whether the left analog stick is linked to the dpad or not. Maybe a French speaker can comment on whether or not he talks about the analogs at all?

The inside of the device looks quite well put together, although I suspect he took it apart to demonstrate the lack of vibration motors despite them being listed as a feature on the box. It’s good to see that the analogs are at least screwed into a housing rather than left to push against the back of the case a la JXD.


 If you want one, it can be had for $120 at Willgoo.

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  1. I’m spyroledragon.

    Dpad is NOT linked to the analog stick, they are independant. I took the photo of the inside because my L1 button was not working, one of the red wire was de soldered, had to re solder it myself 🙂 (look closely the red wires on the right of the image one is not soldered).

    The select and start aren’t bindable in android mapping tool, but yes they work in emulators.

    Overall a good deviice even though I prefer JXD devices.

  2. Essentially screen resolution, and bigger battery capacity I think. These are main differences. I think CPU is 1,6 ghz in G7 and 1,4 in G5, but not sure. I’ll give more info when I get it.

  3. Select and Start are bindable. You can map them in all emus without issues. Not very well positioned, but not a big deal. I am using L3 and r3 as selct and start is most emus.

    L2 and r2 can be both digital or analogs, depeding on the game. Using keytest that come with the device is easily checkable, Can work as button:l2 or Axis trigger.

    • You got yours then, cool. What do you think to it overall? How is the Android build, better than JXD efforts? Can you see any room for an improved ROM?

      • Device is pretty nice. Must be said that run at 1,4 ghz max, but honeslty I don’t think it needs more. Emus run pretty good, and since its 480p, doesn’t need so much horsepower.

        dpad is a bit noisy and clacky, but it’s ok. I have played some fighting games without issues. Firmware is pretty ok, but I helped its developer, so quite fine. I will make a custom rom anyway to add and improve several things. (probably android 4.2.2 and Android 4.4.2 which is coming)

  4. Hi,
    He says that every single button are unique and not linked. The Dpad dans the 2 analogic stick are 3 differents controls.
    To summerize his comments:
    -The screen is not that good but acceptable.
    -Touch-screen feeling is great, it’s a glass.
    -The Sticks are EXCELLENT similar to actual consoles’ sticks, they even are clickable.
    -The 1 to 4 buttons are very good.
    -The DPad is good but too noisy.
    -The back triggers are good. Not analogic but good.
    -Start and Select buttons are not well positionned.
    -Start and Select buttons are NOT rebindable (strangely).
    -Every game run fine, dreamcast game are a bit buggy mainly because the emulator is still in beta.
    -5 to 6 hours of autonomy (not sure if this word exists, it means “battery-life-time”).

    Very good product but: Bad design, no vibration motors, OK screen, noisy Dpad.


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