GPD News: New ROMs, New Machines And An Interview with Kelvin Zhang.


First things first, if you’ve recently bagged yourself a G5A or a G7 and have yet to replace the firmware then now is the time to do it. Skelton and Tincore have been hard at work creating their own custom ROMs for these new generation machines and they’re available now for you to use. For the G5A there are 2 options, one based on 4.2.2 and one on 4.4.2. You might think it’s a no brainer, but currently 4.2.2 is perhaps the best choice currently as the kernel is in slightly better shape. Never the less, it’s your choice and whatever you go with will be an improvement over the stock firmware.

For info on the KitKat ROM, visit this link. For info on the Jelly Bean ROM, click here.

For your G7, currently only 4.2.2 is available and you can read all about it here.

Links for everything you need are included in the first post.

If you’re holding out for something newer, there is rumour of an IPS screened variant of the G5A coming soon with 2GB RAM. The G5A+ will supposedly be released in “limited quantities” and may even contain the new RockChip RK3288 but don’t hold your breath as there is no release date yet.

If you’re still hungry for GPD news, Drem from¬†¬†conducted an interview with GPD director of sales Kelvin Zhang and has kindly translated it from his native Russian into English and posted it on the dingoonity boards. Click here to read Drem and Mr. Zhang’s discussion about the future of GPD.


As always, if you’d like to grab yourself one of these new machines then they’re available at Willgoo. Click here for the G5A and over here for the G7.

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