JXD’s Youtube Channel Shows The S192 In Action


It must be nearly time, in the past couple of days JXD have uploaded a bunch of videos demoing their new flagship in action. For whatever reason, the videos are very GTA heavy, show casing San Andreas, Vice City, ChinaTown Wars and GTA3. There’s also a video of Half Life 2 for good measure.

The cheapest shop currently taking pre-orders is GearBest, as far as I know. Their $299.89 price tag is still rather more than I’d be willing to pay, but if you’re interested click here.

I dare say JXD will be uploading more videos in the run up to launch date, whenever that might be, so keep tabs on their channel their channel for more.






7 thoughts on “JXD’s Youtube Channel Shows The S192 In Action”

  1. Not sure why my last post was deleted. All I said was that JXD are selling the S192 cheaper than resellers. Which is weird, as it seems they are undercutting their resellers. They are selling it for $269

    • I didn’t delete it, it’s just that you used an account you’d not used to comment before so it automatically went into the queue for approval. Now it’s approved you can use either account without waiting for approval 🙂

      • And yep, that is weird. I’ve no idea why JXD would do that and tbh I’d forgotten that they actually sell their devices directly at all.

  2. I’m waiting to see what Dolphin looks like on this and I also want to see what Nvidia has up their sleeve for the next shield portable. I’d plunk down some cash for portable GameCube action

  3. While it may be pricey, it looks like it may have the hardware to back it up. I’d have to see if there were any glaring flaws before plunking down on it, though. I’m also not in the market for a device of this nature either but it looks pretty sweet. Hopefully, the controls don’t suck.


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