JXD Awakes From Hibernation With Their “Singularity” S192 Handheld

The sleeping giant awakes! It’s been over 2 years since JXD released their last flagship handheld, the S7800B, and things have been very quiet from the ShenZhen based company since then. Since 2013 GPD have stolen the show, releasing 3 seriously good handhelds and dominating the market in cheap Android portables.

I would like to think that JXD have taken this time to reflect, to hone their skills and put some real thought into a new product. Looking at their S192, it does look as though they may have upped their game from the creaky and sometimes unreliable products of yesteryear.

You could say they have actually gone one step further than GPD with their new machine by deciding to utilise Nvidia’s previous flagship SoC, the Tegra K1, instead of the China made processors that usually power these things. The console also comes with a full HD 7″ screen, 2 cameras, at least 16GB internal memory, a 10,000mah cell and will run Android 5.0 out of the box.


But if JXD have upped their game, then they’ve also upped their prices to match. While their S192 is not officially released yet, the price touted on their website is a whopping $269, and vendors currently offering pre-orders are mostly exceeding that price tag.

The machine is due to be released either late December or early in the new year and a few sites have listed it already. The cheapest vendors I have found are offering pre-orders for $299.


Too rich for my blood!

10 thoughts on “JXD Awakes From Hibernation With Their “Singularity” S192 Handheld”

    • I have a GPD Q9PSV and it stomps on the G5A, specs wise. The S192 stomps on the Q9. I don’t mind the $300 price as less than I paid for the either of my Nvidia Shields and the S192 it is MUCH better. It IS worth the price.

  1. Let’s review… Built-in game controls, 1080p IPS screen, Tegra K1 SOC, 10Ah battery and under $300. If that is to rich for your blood, you need a better job! @jamessensor; “lack of communication”? The thing is being built with an 802.11n wifi. How is that lacking, or were you expecting GSM 4G? And updates? The thing isn’t even released yet. How can you expect it to have even a single update? And if you are talking about JXD’s firmware update schedule, here’s a hint about their thinking; They only release a new firmware when the is a justified reason for it, such as a security or bug fix for major OS update. They did several for the S7800, S7300, S5800 and S5110. And then there’s the comment about quality control. I’ve never had a problem with any of my JXD devices. They are sturdy & solidly built, durable and the batteries last for a very respect amount of time, I’ve only had to replace one and doing so was easy.

    So seriously people, what the heck is with all the negativity? Are you spoiled by all the $500 – $700 devices out there or are you just being needlessly whiny about something that isn’t out yet? Hmm?

    • Chill out dude. Let’s be honest here! Before the Shield sold out, it was $100 less than this thing – and the build quality and support is much better than anything JXD can achieve. I think JXD are pushing their luck with this one, either that or they couldn’t afford to buy enough K1 SoCs to get a decent price from Nvidia, and have had to pass on the cost.

      • Let’s REALLY be honest; To be fair, the Shield does not have built-in controls[and the controller is NOT included]. Price is irrelevant in that comparison because there is no real rhyme or reason in comparing the two. They are two different type of devices. When it comes to Android devices of this type, Nvidia has nothing to offer or compare to it, even at $50 less[because you have to BUY the controller]. GPD, iPega and the like do, but not on the performance level such as this. $300 is a perfectly reasonable price for what is being offered and that price will only come down. Heck, I paid more than that for my phone, and it has weaker specs. Keeping things in proper perspective is key to understanding why it is an excellent device. My only real complaints so far are internal storage[16GB is lacking until you install a UHS3 sd] and choice of Android version[4.4.4 works MUCH better than 5.0 in many ways] but that will likely be resolved in the coming months with an update to 5.1 or 6.0. Even if JXD themselves don’t, the custom rom community will not be able to resit such a potentially juicy device.

        • I’m talking about the original Shield, not the tablet. The reason I drew that comparison was because they’re both running similar processors made by Nvidia. OK the Tegra 4 is one generation earlier than the K1, but it was also released more than a year previous.

          All I’m saying is that if this was around the $200 mark like the Shield was, more people would be willing to take a punt on it. $300 is pretty big money for a console that comes with a flimsy warranty and from a company with a less than perfect reputation. In my opinion!

          • I see your points. Then again, the clam-shell Shield lacked several things the S192 has, bigger higher-res screen, high capacity battery[which is part of the higher cost] are the biggest reasons why that is also not a great comparison[IMHO]. And I guess I just haven’t had the problems with JXD that others have. With me they have a good reputation. When I bought an S7300B it arrived damaged and they replaced it with a brand new unit within a week. And that was from their own store. My experiences have been good with them. The point I’m trying to make is that for a K1 SOC with a 7″ 1080p IPS screen, with built-in controls and 10Ah battery for under $300[it can be found for $270] is a good deal. Try and find a standard tablet with those specs for a similar price and see what you come up with. Right now there isn’t anything except from Nvidia.

          • Nvidia is getting ready to release the 2nd generation Shield Portable. It’s not just the visual quality that the Shield can do, it’s the audio, as well… Those built-in speakers are high-fi speakers… trust me… they can put out some power.

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